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Sweden’s most experienced Shakespearean actors

About Shakespearefabriken: The Shakespeare factory was formerly known as Shakespeare at the Grass Courtyard and has played comedies and tragedies by the world’s most famous playwright in Vadstena for 26 years! Since 2019, the theatre has been housed in an old feed factory on the plain a few kilometers outside the city.

A new theatre venue is now being established here, which will provide magnificent theatrical experiences, and at the same time offer the audience a wonderful atmosphere in the industrial-romantic foyer and wonderful views of the marvellous cultural landscape. Based on the atmosphere of the old factory and its surroundings, the team wants to create a visual adventure, where the history of Swedish industrialism from just recently meets Shakespeare’s four hundred-year-old universe.

Our vision is to create a forum in which Shakespeare’s dramas unite different groups of people, regardless of age, gender, sexual preference and ethnic background, and help us to interpret the world, with a regional starting point.

Our plays are produced by a professional team with both professional and amateur actors. ShpG also arranges theatre courses in cooperation with Linköping University and the Vadstena Folk High School.

The Shakespeare Factory’s performances usually premiere in early July and are then played for five weeks.

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Gunilla Isacsson

Much Ado About Nothing 2022

A war has just ended. The surviving soldiers arrive at the estate of Leonato in the countryside of Sicily. Many of the inhabitants have long awaited the soldiers. The war is over! Leonato invites them to reside, and offers food and beverages. For a whole month! It starts with a masquerade party and the entanglements begin. Love spires! and the constables in the village get their hands full with law and order.

In the same warm way that Leonato welcomes his guests, we at The Shakespeare factory want to welcome you. Maybe not for a whole month but at least for an evening!

Much Ado About Nothing contains laughter, songs and a vertiginous depth, as it often is in the plays by William Shakespeare. The play is directed by Inga Onn, a long time actress at The Shakespeare factory and her goal is a warm and loving tribute to the performing arts for the audience to take part in.

Much Ado About Nothing is performed in swedish.

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